CAROL MCH 600 מיקרופון + גונג
מיקרופון לשולחן+גונג Tip-Touched Button Microphone with 3 Separate Tone Settings, Up to 9 Different Variations Key Specifications/Special Features: Directional characteristic: unidirectional Microphone type: condenser cartridge Frequency response: 100Hz to 10,000Hz Impedance: 680 ohms System output impedance (30%): 600 ohms Sensitivity (at 1000Hz; SPL: 74dB): -70dB 3dB Statics power consumption: 0.8mW Rated power consumption: 1.2mW Power source: SUM-2 dry cell x 2 pieces Dimensions (L x W x H): 178 x 136 x 360mm Cord: 1.5m (curled cord) Sleek and sturdy gooseneck design Modern and streamlined table-stand design Silent microphone on/off switch Perfect for high quality sound reinforcement and public addressing applications
מועד אספקה: עד 10 ימי עבודה
דגם המוצר: CAROL MCH 600 מיקרופון + גונג

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CAROL MCH 600 מיקרופון + גונג 15012  
CAROL MCH 600 מיקרופון + גונג